RTDNA Canada Distinguished Service Award


2016 Recipients, RTDNA Canada’s Code of Journalistic Ethics Review Committee Members: (left to right) Ron Waksman, Mark Sikstrom, Andy LeBlanc, Jack Nagler

The RTDNA Canada Distinguished Service Award honours a member who has played a major role in the continuing success of RTDNA Canada.  The award is presented in recognition and appreciation of outstanding contribution and exemplary distinguished service rendered for the benefit and advancement of electronic journalism and RTDNA.

Past recipients:


Bill Hutton 1990
Barry Hamelin 1991
Bob Beaton 1992
JJ Richards 1993
Hugh Doherty 1994
George Clark 1995
Gord Sinclair 1996
Dale O’Hara 1997
Del Archer 1998
Hudson Mack 1999
Terry Scott 2000
Al Gibson 2001
Mike Omelus 2002
Tom Mark 2003
Melanie Kurzuk 2004
Lis Travers 2005
Gerry Phelan 2006
Renato Zane 2007
Eldon Duchscher 2008
Bernadette Lee 2009
Robert McLaughlin 2010
Michael Fulmes 2011
Peter Angione 2012
Andy LeBlanc 2013
Dave Trafford 2014
Lis Travers 2015

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